Humanities Camp Returns This Summer

Humanities Camp Returns This Summer

STARKVILLE, Miss.— Mississippi State University this summer is providing a second year of Humanities Camp, an in-depth experience aimed at providing young scholars an understanding of human motivation through exposure to humanities-related courses.

Sponsored by MSU’s College of Arts and Sciences, the June 11-16 on-campus camp cost is $150, and includes dorm housing and a meal plan. Open to a group of 24 scholars comprised of rising high school juniors and seniors, school counselors may nominate up to two students per school. For more information, visit or email Abigail Voller, camp coordinator and an instructor in MSU’s English department at

“We had an embarrassment of riches with our theme last year, which was “Understanding Mississippi to Write the Future,” so after careful thought, we decided to make that our permanent theme,” Voller said.

“Humanities Camp is more than just attending classes and having fun activities—it’s also about thinking critically about our state and our communities and the welfare of our citizens and how we can create small solutions to everyday issues that could eventually spiral into creating better and healthier communities in Mississippi. Our classes offer views into subjects or areas that high schools may not be able to offer and expose our scholars to the humanities and how the humanities impact our daily lives, often in ways that we don’t recognize on a regular basis.

Voller said camp scholars come from a variety of backgrounds and have varied interest areas, which is “vital in learning more about the Humanities as it opens up different avenues for conversations about the world around us.”

“Students who demonstrate a curiosity about the world around them and want to learn more and want to make a difference in their communities are potential Humanities Camp scholars,” Voller said.

Camp scholars take courses in different humanities departments on MSU’s campus, including English, history, gender studies, philosophy and religion, among others. They will participate in activities that help develop critical-creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students will create a group project to identify a “pain point” in Mississippi or their community or school, research that pain point and create a viable and applicable solution to it. They will present their solutions at the end of the week.

“We are planning an immersive educational experience that will invigorate these scholars’ intellectual and social curiosities in ways that will stay with them in the long-term, along with the friendships they build during camp,” Voller said.

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