Minoring in English

Minoring in English

A minor in English is a great way to help you stand out among other graduates in your program. It demonstrates that you can pursue serious intellectual interests and are well-rounded, and its range of reading will expose you to varied ideas and cultural perspectives that will be valuable whether you apply for graduate school or go directly into a job after graduation. Employers will expect graduates with an English minor to be strong writers who are comfortable analyzing complex texts.

Requirements for a Minor in English:

  1. Completion of the freshman composition requirements for the major.
  2. Completion of 18 hours of English courses beyond the freshman composition requirement, including at least 6 hours at the 4000-level and no more than 6 hours of linguistics courses (i.e., courses that count toward the Linguistics Minor).
  3. A grade of C or higher in all courses used to earn the English minor.
  4. Approval by an English advisor of all English courses taken. Since most of the 4000-level courses are offered on a rotation schedule, please check with your advisor about what courses are available during which semester.
  5. Notification to the registrar’s office upon completion of the required coursework. This notification allows the Registrar officially to process the request for the Minor to appear on the student transcript.

To declare your intention to pursue the English Minor:

  1. Fill in the registration form and submit it to Dr. Ginger Pizer, Undergraduate Director of English (Lee 2305; gpizer@english.msstate.edu; or via the instructor of your English class).
  2. Contact Dr. Pizer with any questions about course selection.
  3. When you apply to graduate through Banner during your last semester, declare the
 English minor in the appropriate section of that application.