The minor in Film Studies provides students with a strong background in the study of film language, history, theory, and production, emphasizing varied filmmaking practices throughout the world.

Students will gain a proficiency in what filmmakers call “film language” and a working knowledge of film form. Students will be able to apply film language to the analysis of film, literature and art, and convergent media technologies. Students will learn the specificity of global film traditions through comparative study, will be introduced to the basics of film theory and production, and will gain knowledge of the economic, social, cultural, and historical roots of cinema form diverse parts of the world.

Degree Requirements

To minor in Film Studies, you must complete the following:

  • Required Course - ART/CO/EN 2904 Introduction to Film
  • Core Courses - take at least 3 hours from the core course list
  • Elective Courses - take at least 12 hours from the elective course list

A list of the requirements and the elective courses:

Required Course 4
ART/CO/EN 2904 Introduction to Film  

Core Courses

Select at least one core course from the list below. Students may take additional core courses to meet the electives requirement.

CO 3903 Advanced Cinema Studies  
ART/CO/EN 4124 Topics in Film  
ART/CO/EN 4924 Film Theory  
Electives 12
ART 2103 Photography Survey  
ART 3233 Studio Lighting  
ART 3613 Art and Film  
ART 3633 History of Photography  
ART 3643 Art of the Graphic Novel  
ART 3873 Digital Photography  
ART 4893 Video Art  
CO 2503 Acting  
CO 3403 Photographic Communication  
CO/GS 4233 Gender and Media  
CO 4423 Advanced Photo Communication  
CO 4504 History of Theatre  
CO 4524 Directing  
CO/AAS/SO 4643 Race and the Media  
EN 2434 Literature and Film  
EN 3523 Shakespeare and Film  
Total Hours 19

MSU Student Filmmaking Organization: The Scene

The Scene is the new MSU student organization devoted to film, and hosted by the Department of Communication. Their goal is to create one short film each semester that is completely student written, directed, and edited. They hope to give students of all different backgrounds and levels of experience the chance to see and/or be a part of every aspect of the filmmaking process.

To join The Scene, go to and search for “The Scene.” You can register to join on that site.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions:

Caroline Matheny, President:

Melanie Harris, Faculty Advisor: