Student Spotlight: Jackson Weisskopf

Student Spotlight: Jackson Weisskopf


First-year Graduate Student, MA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing


Springville, AL

Why English?

For me, becoming a student of English was a calling that I felt God had called me to do. In studying literature, I have been able to grasp and understand cultures, ideologies, and identities of which I never would have been exposed to otherwise, and as such that allows me to understand and love the world around me better. I like to think that language is like DNA which builds up the human experience, and when I take time to study how people express themselves through literature, I gain a deeper understanding of my place in the world, and how other people see their place. I think that’s pretty cool.  

Clubs and Organizations:

Bridgeway College, Intramural Soccer, The Jabberwock Review 


Howel H. and Elizabeth S. Gwin Endowed Scholarship 

Favorite Books Reads for Class:

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, and The Deep by Anthony Doerr are definitely my favorites so far!  




I like writing poetry, boxing, playing soccer, going to coffee shops, Thrift shopping, and kayaking.