Student Spotlight: Jesse Ivy

Student Spotlight: Jesse Ivy



Starkville, MS

Areas of Interest:

Linguistics, (Undergrad at MSU in Secondary English Education, with Linguistics minor and TESOL certificate)

Why English?

I was always interested in literature, but taking Spanish in high school really made me start paying attention to how languages work, and how people learn language. From there I got interested in language teaching and linguistics.

Clubs and Organizations:

I was the Assistant Director for the Humanities Camp Summer 2022


  • Brasher Dazey Award for my essay on literary representations of Bilingualism in Sandra Cisneros’ short story collection Woman Hollering Creek

Favorite Texts Read for Class:

  • Catch-22

  • The Crying of Lot 49

  • Things Fall Apart

  • The Icarus Girl

  • and all of the short stories by Gabriel García Márquez


I really enjoy live music, so I’m often at concerts on the weekend. Several of my friends are in bands that play nearby (Birmingham, Memphis, Jackson, Little Rock) so I try to see them play as often as I can.