Student Spotlight: Anne Louise Phillips

Student Spotlight: Anne Louise Phillips


French Camp, MS

Why English?

I’ve loved reading and writing as long as I can remember, and I’ve dreamed of studying English since I was in first grade.

Clubs and Organizations:

I’m a staff writer and photographer for The Reflector, a member of the Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee, and a student worker for AgComm.


  • I have received the Presidential Scholarship and the Roger LeMoyne Dabbs Memorial Scholarship.

Favorite Books Reads for Class:

The Tempest and Mama Day were enjoyable to read, especially in the context of comparing the two works and their relationship to each other.


“Overheard,” Quibble Review, Issue #7: louise- phillips?fbclid=IwAR0MI2x6DRtZaDEVmzOzUQwSRkGwxkUB03nimBx0Oe6GaAovnT8dze 2XTLE

My photo "temporary forever" was published in Curio Cabinet Magazine, Issue 1


  • I enjoy photography, graphic design, and looking through stacks of old records at thrift stores.