Undergraduate Minor in Linguistics 

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Linguistics is the study of language, including the structure of sounds, words, and sentences, how our brains process it, how people learn it, and the roles it plays in our societies. Studying linguistics raises students’ awareness of patterns in the language of their daily lives and can contribute to careers such as language teaching, editing and publishing, speech therapy, advertising, and more.

The Minor in Linguistics is open to undergraduate students in any major.

To declare your intention to pursue the Minor in Linguistics, please fill out the Linguistics Minor Registration Form and send it to Dr. Ginger Pizer at gpizer@english.msstate.edu.


The minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours with a grade of C or above in each course. Possible courses are listed below. Up to two additional Special Topics or Directed Individual Study courses will count toward the minor when approved in advance by the Linguistics Committee. Courses that are cross-listed in more than one department may be taken under any cross-listing. 

Required course

  • EN 4403/AN 4403 Introduction to Linguistics

3-5 of the following courses

  • EN 2403/AN 2403 Introduction to the Study of Language 
  • EN 4413 History of the English Language
  • EN 4443 English Syntax
  • EN 4463 Studies in Second Language Acquisition
  • EN 4473/PSY 4473 Phonetics
  • EN 4623/AN 4623/SO 4623 Language and Culture
  • EN 4633/AN 4633/SO 4633 Language and Society

0-2 of the following courses

  • AN 1103 Introduction to Anthropology
  • AN 1143 Cultural Anthropology
  • AN 4143 Ethnographic Methods
  • CO 4203 Nonverbal Communication
  • CO 4273 Intercultural Communication
  • CSE 3813 Introduction to Formal Languages
  • PHI 1113 Introduction to Logic
  • PHI 4223 Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • PSY 3713 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 3723 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSY 4653 Cognitive Science
  • PSY 4713 Language and Thought


  • No more than two courses which are not cross-listed in English may count toward the minor.  
  • Only one of PSY 3713 Cognitive Psychology or PSY 4653 Cognitive Science may count toward the minor.