Competitive Awards for Undergraduate English Majors

Open to All MSU Students

The MSU Writing Contest

Annual contest, open to any MSU student. A student may enter in one or more of five categories:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • One-Act Play
  • Informal Essay
  • Formal Essay

Deadline approximately late November
For information contact Dr. Michael Kardos or Dr. Catherine Pierce, Lee Hall

2021 MSU Undergraduate Writing Contest Winner in Fiction and Poetry, Tarah Burrows


Open to All English Majors


  • Full-time English majors at the junior or senior level are eligible to apply for this award, which is for the purchase of non-course books.
  • Application deadlines: Fall—last weekday of September; Spring—last weekday of February.


By Nomination Only

The Linda Brasher/Mary Ann Dazey Writing Award

This award is sponsored by the English Department in memory of two former faculty members.  Mary Ann Dazey and Linda Brasher both taught in the department for many years.  They were also leaders in the department, Mary Ann Dazey as Director of Freshman English and Linda Brasher as Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  • Papers are nominated for this award by professors in English 3414: Advanced Composition.

2021 Linda Brasher/Mary Ann Dazey Writing Award Winner, Olivia Massey


Peyton Ward Williams Distinguished Writing Award

This award is administered by the English Department on behalf of the Association of Retired Faculty, who sponsor the award in memory of this former faculty member.  Peyton Williams taught in the English Department for 38 years and was a long-time editor of the esteemed Mississippi Quarterly.

  • Papers are nominated for this award by faculty teaching 3000- and 4000-level English courses.
  • Each November the winning essay is printed and bound, and it is catalogued in MSU’s Mitchell Memorial Library.
  • For information contact Dr. Kelly Marsh.