B.A. in English

The study of English gives students knowledge of the language and its literature, including familiarity with the literature that helped define past eras. Studying English also helps students develop their ability to read perceptively, think critically, analyze problems, and write persuasively. For these reasons, a major in English has traditionally been viewed as good training for careers in law, government, business, and publishing, as well as for careers in teaching and writing.

At Mississippi State, we see English as a broad field that encompasses the study of literature, language, and writing in all of its forms. You will have the opportunity to take courses such as Form and Theory of Poetry, Principles of Legal Writing, Women in Literature, Creative Writing, Studies in Post-Colonial Literature, History of the English Language, and Shakespeare after 1600. The result is a flexible degree that emphasizes the interconnections between literature, language, and writing.

When thinking about your future, we encourage you to visit our careers page. We have also assembled a group of career mentors, professionals who have taken their English degree into a wide variety of fields, to advise you during your time at Mississippi State. Please visited our career mentors page to learn about what English has done for them.

If you want to learn more about the specific requirements for the degree, you can download the English Majors Handbook. If you have questions about the degree, or are ready to declare English as your major, please get in touch with our Undergraduate Coordinator Dr. Ginger Pizer at GPizer@english.msstate.edu.