Linguistics Research Lab

121F Howell Building

English students gathered around a display board

The  Linguistics  Research  Lab  is  well-equipped  for  the  experimental  study  of  speech  and  language.  As  part  of  the  Department  of  English,  the  lab  consists  of  a  three-room  suite  in  Howell  Hall,  including  a  participant  waiting  area  and  two  quiet  experimental  rooms. 

For  the  collection  of  production  data,  the  lab  includes  one  sound-attenuated  WhisperRoom  (4848S),  with  Electro-Voice  N/D767A  microphone,  and  Marantz  PMD661  recorder.  Lab  resources  also  include  a  portable  data  recording  kit  with  Electro-Voice  N/D767A  microphone  and  Marantz  PMD620  recorder and a Glottal Enterprises Dualview System that measures oral and nasal airflow.  For  the  collection  and  analysis  of  perception  and  psycholinguistic  data,  the  lab  includes  five  Dell  computer  stations,  each  with  internet  connectivity,  20”  monitor,  Sony  MDR-7506  dynamic  stereo  headphones,  and  mouse.  One Cedrus  RB-740  response  pad  is  also  available.  In  addition  to  general  purpose  processing  software  (e.g.,  Word,  Excel,  Adobe),  each  computer  is  also  installed  with  critical  software  like  Paradigm  experimental  design  software,  MATLAB,  SPSS,  R,  Praat,  and  Audacity. 


  • Dr. Wendy Herd, Associate Professor and Lab Director,
  • Jessica Sherman, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Amy Azwell, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Joy Cariño, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ongoing Research Projects

Research Opportunities

  • GRA: One English Department graduate student usually works in the Linguistics Research Lab each semester.
  • URAs: One to two hourly paid undergraduate research positions are sometimes available depending on grant funding. Volunteers are always welcome in the lab, too!
  • Undergraduate and graduate students with interests in linguistic research are encouraged to contact Dr. Wendy Herd to discuss visiting the lab or volunteering in the lab.