Kathryn Barber

Kathryn Barber



2509 Lee Hall
Department of English
P.O. Box E
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • M.F.A., University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2018
  • M.A., Mississippi State University, 2014.

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Kate Barber teaches composition and creative writing, with a specialization in fiction writing. Having grown up in the mountains that follow the state line of Tennessee and Virginia, much of her writing centers around southern culture, religion, small towns, and music. After five years of teaching and MFAing at UNC Wilmington, she's recently returned to Mississippi State, where she finished her MA in 2014. A lover of literary magazines, you can find her on the mastheads of Ecotone magazine, Southern Humanities Review, and Press Pause Press. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming in The Pinch, Moon City Review, Door is a Jar, Helen, and elsewhere.



“Listen.” — Helen (2019)
“(This Is) Another Song About Leaving” — Door is a Jar (2019)
“Enough” — semicolon lit (2019)
“Nothing But Ash”— The American Dream: A Collection of Flash Fiction and Accompanying Art (2018)
“Caesura” — Steel Toe Review (2017)
“Taking My Turn on the Sin Wagon” — Steel Toe Review (2017, reprint)
“Hurricane” — Steel Toe Review (2017)
“Taking My Turn on the Sin Wagon” — Propaganda: A Collection of Flash Fiction and Accompanying Art (2017)
“Brand New Dance” — Adelaide Magazine (2017)
“Maybe Not Today” — Cape Fear Review (2014)
“Fruit Jars” — Literary Orphans (2014)


“Whiskey River Blues” — Moon City Review (forthcoming 2020)
“Taking the Long Way Around (Selected Scriptures)” — Press Pause Press (2018)
“Gaslight” — http://www.pinchjournal.com/pinch-issues/2017/9/18/fall-2017-372The Pinch (2017)


“Unraveling the Origin of Folklore and Legend in Bloodroot: An Interview with Novelist Amy Greene” — Palaver Magazine (2014)

Awards & Contests:

Philip Furia Teaching Award (2018)
James Hurst Prize for Fiction, Honorable Mention (2019)


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