EN 8523 English Literature, 1485-1660: Literary Relationships in Early Modern England

Dr. Lara Dodds
Fall 2008; Tuesdays 3:00

This course will examine the ways in which writers' relationships-- to other writers, to readers and patrons, to printers, stationers, and booksellers, to tradition, and to posterity-- shaped the development of a national literature in early modern England. We will study the works of major authors of the English Renaissance, including Shakespeare, Jonson, Sidney, Wroth, Cavendish, and Milton in the context of their literary relationships. In each case we will consider texts in relation to intellectual history as well as to the social worlds in which they are composed, circulated, and read.
Assignments and evaluation may include the following:

  • Brief (written) responses to weekly reading assignments
  • Brief researched presentation
  • Midterm examination
  • 15-20 page seminar paper
  • A formal presentation of research (approximately 10 minutes) suitable for presentation at a professional conference, which will be presented at the inaugural Early Modern Literature and Culture Conference in coordination with Dr. Anderson's Shakespeare to 1600 (EN 6503).