About the Department of English

At the heart of Mississippi
 State University’s English Department are literary scholars, linguists, poets, novelists and short story writers with international reputations. You’ll see our writers mentioned in The New York Times, our linguists presenting cutting- edge research on language acquisition at conferences around the world, and our literary scholars publishing at some of the premier journals and presses in the field.

The English department offers a traditional Bachelor’s degree in English, as well as a minor in English that
 helps students in other majors develop valuable writing, research, and critical thinking skills. We offer workshop and craft classes in creative writing, and each year bring to campus visiting writers who not only read and discuss their work, but also visit workshops
 and meet informally with students. Our linguistics classes can contribute to careers such as language teaching, publishing, and speech therapy. We also offer a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Unlike many large research universities, however, our faculty are committed to teaching small classes for students at all levels, from first-year writing students, through literature surveys and introductory creative writing classes, all the way up to graduate seminars. Most English classes are limited to 30 students, and many writing- intensive classes are even smaller. As 
a result, the English department has developed a culture of mentorship in which students work closely with faculty beyond the classroom in research and service activities.