Ginger Pizer

Dr. Ginger Pizer, Director

Advising location:Dr. Pizer's office

English Department
P.O. Box E
Mississippi State, MS 39762

(662) 325-3644


Areas of Study

Class Offerings

Course descriptions of all classes offered by the English Department, as taken from the Mississippi State catalog.

Current class schedules.

Detailed descriptions of selected advanced undergraduate courses, as prepared by the professors offering the classes.

Essential Resources for Pre-Registration:

Questions about your major

If you have questions about what courses to take to complete your English major, how close you are to graduation, how to go about planning a minor or concentration in another field, or how to get your English major to work for you after graduation, you may contact your advisor or Dr. Ginger Pizer, Director of Undergraduate Studies. The English Advising Office is in Lee 317; office hours are posted.

Departmental concerns or problems

If you have concerns about or problems with a course you are taking or any other departmental matters, the departmental office is located in Lee 316 and the departmental phone number is 325-3644. The administrative staff may be able to help you with logistical problems. Dr. Dan Punday is the head of the English Department and would address any serious problems.

Advising and Pre-registration

Please make good use of your opportunity to pre-register for classes.

  1. Be familiar with your English Major Handbook (much of the material from the handbook can be found on various of the English Departmental webpages).
  2. Make an appointment with your English Department advisor during the advising period every semester. The advising period is the seven weekdays prior to pre-registration. If you haven't met with your advisor, you cannot pre-register, and that means you are unlikely to get all the courses you want. To make an appointment with your advisor, call the English Department before the advising period starts. They will set up an appointment for you.
  3. Be prepared for your advising appointment. Your advisor is there to answer questions, help you find information you need, and let you know whether your course choices are wise ones--but they are still your choices. In order to make informed ones, keep a record of all courses you have taken on the Check Sheet; you will then be able to see at a glance what requirements you have left.
  4. If you are unable to pre-register for the courses that you have chosen and that your advisor has approved, you must inform your advisor of the substitutions you have made as soon as possible so that your advisor can approve the new courses.