A Few Successful English Majors, a list compiled by the Mississippi State English Department

Rumor has it that a Humanities degree of any variety is a ticket to the breadline, and a degree in English is of particularly low value in the real world. We would like to suggest that is just not true, and suggest that the student of English may find him or herself in a position to pursue any of a long list of particularly desirable career options.

University professors are not the most well-known celebrities, but knowledgeable people are likely to be familiar with scholars like Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Steven Greenblat  or Harold Bloom. Less well-known professors do hold prestigious academic positions and many earn a quite reasonable salary.

As might be expected, a large number of writers hold degrees in English. The list includes

Then there are those who have majored in English who have made non-traditional use of their degrees. Their occupations range from actors to financiers, business executives, and attorneys. Our list includes