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Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

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Linguistics is the study of language, including the structure of sounds, words, and sentences, how our brains process it, how people learn it, and the roles it plays in our societies. Studying linguistics raises students’ awareness of patterns in the language of their daily lives and can contribute to careers such as language teaching, editing and publishing, speech therapy, advertising, and more.

The Mississippi State University English Department offers classes in linguistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These classes can be used toward an undergraduate Minor in Linguistics, a concentration in Linguistics for an undergraduate General Liberal Arts major, a Linguistics emphasis within the English M.A. program, or a TESOL certificate, emphasis, or endorsement.


TESOL is an acronym for "Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages." The Mississippi State program offers instruction in means, methods, and techniques for teaching English to students whose first language is other than English. MSU awards a certificate for the completion of the fifteen hour program, which makes the holder eligible for employment as a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL).

Holders of a TESOL certificate and a Bachelor’s degree are strategically placed for a career teaching English as a foreign language in various countries outside of the United States. Many of these positions are with private businesses, private schools, or public school districts. Additional opportunities teaching English as second language exist in the United States as well.

TESOL often offers on-campus undergraduate research opportunites. Dr. Wendy Herd has announced this opening in the fall 2013.

We are pleased to announce an MSU Four-Week TESOL Practicum in Iquique, Chile, from May 31 to July 2, 2016. Please click for details. We also have a slide show of the region of Tarapacá, Chile.

Our newsletter highlights some recent student achievements.


Kelsey Norris in EcuadorTESOL Certificate Program

The TESOL Certificate Program is open to both undergraduates and graduate students. Click above for the curriculum and requirements for the certificate at Mississippi State.

The TESOL Master of Arts Emphasis

The English Department at Mississippi State University offers an emphasis in TESOL under the department’s Master of Art Degree in English. The TESOL emphasis can be pursued following either the thesis or non-thesis degree options.

Students at workTESOL Supplemental Endorsement

The TESOL supplemental endorsement is open to undergraduates in Education. Educators with a TESOL supplemental endorsement are better prepared to teach in multi-lingual environments and are uniquely placed to meet the growing demand for second language education.

[top: Kelsey Norris in Ecuador;
bottom: TESOL students in class]



Undergraduate Minor in Linguistics

An 18-hour program leading to a Minor in Linguistics is available to undergraduate students in any major (including English) except GLA with a concentration in Linguistics.

The Master of Arts with a Linguistics Emphasis

The English Department at Mississippi State University offers an emphasis in Linguistics under the department’s Master of Art Degree in English. The Linguistics emphasis can be pursued following either the thesis or non-thesis degree options.

Linguistics as the Area of Concentration for a General Liberal Arts Major

General Liberal Arts majors are students who seek careers that do not fit into a single major. Instead of taking 45 hours in a single major, a GLA major takes 12 hours of upper division classes (3000/4000 level) in three different disciplines. Linguistics is one of the recognized disciplines for such a course of study. Information on the GLA major is also available from the College of Arts and Sciences.


English as a Second Language Center (ESL Center)

Mississippi State University has a large number of international students with whom students in the TESOL program can work directly, either through the ESL courses in the English Department or in cooperation with the English as a Second Language Center (ESL Center). Click on the ESL Center link above to discover more information about working within our own second language community at MSU.

TESOL Employment Opportunites

Abundant employment opportunites, throughout the United States and worldwide, exist for ESL teachers. The majority of the jobs are available in Asia, but job opportunities also exist in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and North America. These sites list some of the available ESL positions.

Professional organizations and opportunities for further study

  • Applied Linguistics Organizations
  • Professional TESOL Organizations
  • Ph.D opportunites in the field