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Monday, March 2 7:30

Mississippi Book Launch of associate professor Michael Kardos's new novel, Before He Finds Her . Dr. Kardos will be reading from and discussing his work and signing books.

place: McCool Hall's Rogers Auditorium (Room 100)

Before He Finds Her
Feb. Matt Morgan (BA 2011, MA 2015) has received a scholarship for the MFA program at UMass-Boston.
Feb. 8-14 This year's Institute for the Humanities Writer-in-Residence, National Book Award-winning poet Terrance Hayes, made his visit to campus and offered a public reading. The MacArthur Foundation has said that "Hayes is extending the possibilities of language and pushing the art of poetry toward places altogether new."  If you'd like to learn more, here's his page from the Academy of American Poets website:
February Catherine Pierce's poem “Relevant Details” will appear in the 2015 volume of Best American Poetry. Catherine Pierce
January Ohio State University Press will soon publish Kelly Marsh’s book, In Search of the Mother’s Pleasure: The Submerged Plot and the Unnarratable from Jane Austen to Arundhati Roy. Dr. Kelly Marsh
Jan. 23 & 24, 2015 The English Department and Mississippi State University have been pleased to host the 2015 Mississippi Philological Association Conference.
January Andrea Spain and the two other members of her team have received an International Working Group Grant to support their upcoming project in Bayreuth and South Africa. Dr. Andrea Spain
January Catherine Pierce's third book, The Tornado is the World, will be published by Saturnalia Books in 2016.

Undergraduate research successes:

This spring, English major Ashleah Wimberly will present her essay on ‘“Bodiless Heads and the Headless Bodies’: The Insurrection of the Colonized Female in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions and Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea” at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Eastern Washington University. Ms. Wimberly wrote under the guidance of Dr. Amy Mallory-Kani.

Lien Van Geel will present her essay, “Shakespeare’s Own Metamorphosis: From Hermetic Revenge to Ovidian Alternatives in The Winter’s Tale.” Ms. Van Geel wrote under the direction of Dr. Tommy Anderson in the Oxford Study Abroad program.

Kylie Dennis will present her essay, “’I only speak from hearsay’: Layered Narration and the Extension of the Bronte Myth in Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey." Ms. Dennis wrote under the guidance of an Oxford don in the Oxford Study Abroad program

Kelsey Huggins will present her essay, “Discourse Markers Haha, Lol, and Ha: A Comparison between Children’s and Young Adults’ Computer-Mediated Communication.” Ms. Huggins wrote under the direction of Dr. Ginger Pizer and Dr. Lyn Fogle.


Senior English major Brandi Torre received the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Undergraduate Research Award for her project titled “Diminishing Phonological Errors in L2 Signers.”

January Michael Kardos's new novel, Before He Finds Her, is in print and available from all major booksellers in February. Before He Finds Her
December Dr. Peter DeGabriele's book Sovereign Power and the Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Literature and the Problem of the Political has been accepted for publication by Bucknell University Press. Peter DeGabriele
December Dr. Shalyn Claggett's book, co-edited with Lara Karpenko, has been accepted for publication. The volume of essays on Strange Silence: Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age will be published by Michigan University Press Shalyn Claggett
December Tommy Anderson has been named Mississippi State University's Humanities Professor of the Year. Thomas "Tommy" Anderson

The Mississippi State English Department would like to announce The winner of the 2014 Peyton Williams Distinguished Writing Award:

Kylie Dennis for her essay " ‘We are arrant knaves all. Believe none of us’: Power and the Construction of ‘Truth’in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. "

Honorable Mention to Lien Van Geel for her essay “Shakespeare’s Own Metamorphosis: From Hermetic Revenge to Ovidian Alternatives in The Winter’s Tale.”

September Andrea Spain's essay“Composition, Emergence, Sensation: Science, New Media and the Experimental Novel” will soon appear with the publication of Steve Tomasula: The Art and Science of New Media Fiction. Dr. Andrea Spain
September Former student Carina Lewis has passed the Mississippi bar exam. She holds an M.A. from our program as well as a law degree from the University of Mississippi Law School.

European Romantic Review will publish Dr. Amy Mallory-Kani’s essay on “’Contagious Air’: Wordsworth’s Poetics and Politics of Immunity.”  The piece will appear sometime on 2015.

Amy Malloy-Kani
September Milton Studies will publish Lara Dodds' essay on "Death and the 'Paradice within' in Paradise Lost and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake" in their 2015 volume Lara Dodds
August Lara Dodds' article on "Bawds and Housewives: Margaret Cavendish and the Work of Bad Writing" will be printed in Early Modern Studies Journal this fall.
July Jessica Moseley's ghazal, "Something Happened Somewhere Sometime around Dinner, April 26, 1986," has been accepted for publication in Storm Cellar Quarterly
June The Proceedings of the National Council for Undergraduate Research will publish Kylie Dennis's essay titled "'Young she was and yet not so': The Revival of the Victorian Fairy-Story Heroine in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings."
June Kate Barber has published a portion of her MA thesis in the online journal Cape Fear Review:
June The journal Sixfold will soon publish poetry by Lisa (Fulgham) Scheibner and Jessica Moseley.  This journal selects poems based on ratings from writers.  Out of 400 submissions, Lisa was ranked 4th, Jessica 19th.  Five of Lisa's poems and five of Jessica's will appear in the August volume.
May Mike Kardos' story "Animals," previously published in Crazyhorse, has won the Pushcart Prize for fiction. Michael Kardos
April Jermaine Thompson has been selected by the Creative Writing faculty for this year's fellowship to the Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing for a week-long intensive writing program.
April Undergraduate Kylie Dennis participated in the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Kentucky, presenting her paper  "'Young she was and yet not so': The Revival of the Victorian Fairy-Story Heroine in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings," as did Field Brown who presented his "Langston Hughes's Trailblazing Literary Aesthetic: Ignoring the White Gaze."
April 6 English Department participants in the Undergraduate Research Symposium included Daniel C. Hart (first in Arts & Humanities competition) and Hannah J. Humphrey (third in Arts & Humanities competition). Also participating were Greg Marcus and Izzy Robinson.
March M.A. student Jessica Burton received the Master's-Level award for teaching at the annual Graduate School awards banquet.
March Graduates of our program Kristen Dechert (MA 07) and Alexis Nordin (BA 02) have co-authored papers, which they will present at the International Conference on Education and at the National Association for CTE Information.  Both work now at MSU's Research and Curriculum unit.
Feb. 21, 22 Hannah Humphrey, Kimerly Madsen-Thoimas, Antoinette HaydenThe Mississippi State English Department was pleased to host the 2014 conference of the Mississippi Philological Association. We were pleased that a large number of Mississippi State students and faculty were among the participants and presenters. (Pictured are students Hannah Humphrey, Kimberly Madsen-Thomas, and Antoinette Hayden.)
Feb. 18 A program on "Music and Poetry" featuring the poetry of e.e. cummings and Robert Frost, as set to music, included Professor Emerita Nancy Hargrove among the presenters.
Feb. Michael Kardos's new novel, Big Mad, is scheduled for publication in spring 2015, published by MysteriousPress/Grove Atlantic. Michael Kardos
Feb. Danielle Stratman, MSU freshman,   has placed 2nd in this year's Southern Literary Festival Student   Writing Contest for her short story "Saving What's Lost." The festival will be held in Oxford, March 27-29.
Feb. 4 Robert Olen Butler, the winner of a Pulitzer Prize and Guggenheim Fellowship who teaches creative writing in Florida, read from his work in McCool Hall's Taylor Auditorium. Butler, the "mayor" and sole resident of the Capps community, visited the university as the first MSU Institute for the Humanities Writer in Residence.
Jan. 19 Donald Shaffer is featured on Mississippi State's "Our People" page: Don Shaffer
Jan. Kelly Marsh's article,  "Empathy, Authority, and the Narrative Ethics of Truman Capote's 'La Cote Basque, 1965,'" has been published in the distinguished Journal of Narrative Theory 43.2. Dr. Kelly Marsh
Jan.  English major Molly Beckwith's poem "Kudzu" has been accepted by the competitive national literary magazine The Pinch, and will appear in early 2014.
Jan. 2014 We are pleased to announce this year's winners of the MSU Writing Contest. The winners will also go on to represent MSU in the Southern Literary Festival competition.

1st place: Molly Beckwith, "If I Do Not Believe You"
2nd place: Isabelle Lang, "Romance and Explosions"

1st place: Alan Coats, "Mother of Pearl"
2nd place: Danielle Stratman, "Saving What's Lost"